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Nick Saban smiling while VR boxing feels like an AI deepfake

This is real, and it’s SPECTACULAR.

Father’s Day is a great time to honor the father figure in your life, and also embarrass the hell out of them. Kristen Saban Setas took this opportunity to post a video of her dad, Nick Saban, and remembering the time he did VR boxing around Christmas.

This is a vital piece of sports documentation. A critical discovery in our understanding of Saban. Sports anthropologists will study this like the Rosetta Stone.

Firstly: It proves the man can actually smile — which is something scientists previously believed impossible.

Second: It shows that when on his back foot, Saban will flail wildly at the air, while being terrified of a virtual boxer.

I think it was a great call by Kristen Saban Setas to hedge this with the apology on post. I like to imagine Saban protects any personal video of himself at home with a Mission Impossible style laser grid, keeping them inside a vault over a pool full of sharks.