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Elly De La Cruz makes baseball history just 15 games into his career

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Victor Wembanyama’s hand makes baseball look like a marble before Yankees game

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Joey Votto is back and the Reds are fun again

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Kansas City Royals rookie Samad Taylor picked a perfect time for his first MLB hit

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Ronald Acuña Jr. makes MLB history

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Shohei Ohtani is doing things baseball hasn’t seen in 130 years

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Oakland A’s fans’ ‘reverse boycott’ was actually genius

Yankees’ 84-year-old announcer drilled by foul ball to face, but didn’t miss a beat

Gunnar Henderson just made Camden Yards history for the Baltimore Orioles

Elly De La Cruz, Reds super prospect who plays like a video game character, has to be seen to be believed

A’s attempted move to Las Vegas is fast becoming the biggest mess in sports

Elly De La Cruz just launched a home run to the moon, and he’s just warming up

Yankee Stadium looks like dystopian hellscape with Canadian wildfires burning

Our favorite sports calls since 2000


Atlanta and Cleveland’s battle to end baseball misery deserves a deep rewind

The Boston Red Sox just made the ‘Bad News Bears’ look good

Shohei Ohtani put the most polite tag on a base runner for an out

Patrick Mahomes’ perfect behind-the-back softball flip is one of his most ridiculous throws yet

The Cubs ‘I Think You Should Leave’ promo night is your EXACT STYLE

Mike Trout just launched a home run to the moon … and Shohei Ohtani hit one even further

‘Succession’ ended using a MAJOR sports easter egg

An MLB umpire mocked a challenge into a hot mic, then overturned their incorrect call

A Royals hitter mashed a home run so hard it broke the scoreboard

This wild ‘Succession’ theory proves that everything is sports

Every MLB City Connect jersey, ranked with a tierlist after new releases

Squirrel’s tightrope walk stuns Yankees fans

Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. goes from first to third on a walk

Adam Wainwright was the ultimate dad when his son took over his post-game press conference

Blue Jays fans are eating hot dogs at a frankly alarming rate

Rays player tries to bunt, gets hit in the nuts instead

Rich Hill races Miguel Cabrera in MLB’s senior Olympics

Domingo Germán’s ejection was just one of the odd moments from Tuesday’s Yankees-Blue Jays game

Aaron Judge kept glancing at first before home run, but don’t assume he was cheating

Trevor Bauer gave up 7 runs in 2 innings in Japan as he continues to ABSOLUTELY SUCK

Mookie Betts rented an Airbnb to avoid a GHOST HOTEL in Milwaukee

Please enjoy this video of Mike Zunino firing a throw directly into an opponent’s nuts

Shohei Ohtani did something MLB hasn’t seen in almost 100 years

Shohei Ohtani has become the baseball marvel the world hoped he’d be