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Lions get first win of the 2023 season with new alternate helmets

The Detroit Lions’ new helmet is the coolest thing they’ve ever done

For the most part (/glances at Jameson Williams), things have been coming up in Detroit’s favor for this upcoming season. The Aaron Rodgers problem in the division is gone, headed to New York to play for the Jets. Oddsmakers like the Lions to win the division, spearheaded by a physical offense and a defense that improved in a lot of spots last season.

With the hype around Detroit sky high, the Lions released a new alternate helmet to commemorate their 90th season in existence and whew buddy is it CLEAN.

The chrome Honolulu Blue looks sweet on the helmet, and despite a few people saying the logo looks ugly, I think it’s super nice. It’s a combination of the Lions’ past, while according to the Lions website, is also designed for the future as well. The chrome blue? Never before worn in the NFL. The classic logo over the two larger stripes represents the past, commemorating the classic teams and their 90th anniversary, and also looks like the old Ford Mustang logo, which is pretty sweet.

According to the Lions, these helmets will be worn with their alternate gray uniforms, which is fine and will look good based on the shoulderpad colors of the gray jerseys, but I really want to see these with Detroit’s white jerseys. I think the chrome helmet would complement that jersey really well.

Other than that, Detroit hit a home run with this helmet, and is a cool nod to their history.