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Kendrick Perkins fell for Andre Iguodala’s trolling and reported fake news on ESPN

No, Jonathan Kuminga is not 7’2” now.

Whenever you hire a former athlete with no media experience there are going to be some growing pains. When it comes to ESPN, Kendrick Perkins, and fact checking — those growing pains are quite literal.

To be clear: Jonathan Kuminga is not 7’2. He didn’t magically grow SEVEN INCHES in the offseason. Surely this news had to come from somewhere, right? There had to be a well-vetted and reliable source to confirm this information.

Just kidding. Perk saw a random Twitter joke he didn’t understand, didn’t realize that Andre Iguodala was trolling in the responses, then ran with it, and turned it into “from reports I’m hearing.”

It’s all pretty benign. It’s not like Kuminga’s height is the kind of thing that will drastically alter the world as we know it, but Jesus Christ, Perk — you’re on ESPN television, speaking to millions of people and leaning on random tweets you don’t understand.

Meanwhile Iggy is still laughing at the whole thing and keeping the troll going.

We’ll have to wait and see if Perkins pops up on SportsCenter to tell us that Andre Iguodala’s son is 7’2”.