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Brandon Miller called Michael Jordan ‘regular guy,’ said Paul George is his GOAT

Brandon Miller and Michael Jordan trash-talked each other during workout: ‘He told me I’m just a shooter’

We all know who’s going first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, but the choice between Alabama’s Brandon Miller and the G-League Ignite’s Scoot Henderson for the Charlotte Hornets at No. 2 overall will set the course for the rest of the draft. Reports coming out of Hornets camp is that it’s truly down to those two and whoever gains the attention of Hornets outgoing majority owner Michael Jordan. He’s going to be the one making the selection, so Miller and Henderson have to make sure to appeal to him.

Well, Miller might have the leg up due to one thing: trash talk. We all know Jordan as one of the NBA’s greatest competitors and trash talkers, so to get into his good graces, you gotta talk a little trash.

This is objectively hilarious for multiple reasons. The first reason is MJ talking so much shit to a player he’s possibly drafting is hilarious in my head. Like, imagine Miller just sitting there at the free throw line knocking down free throws and MJ is just calling him trash from the sideline. It’s hilarious.

In addition...Brandon Miller called Paul George the GOAT in this interview. I just...idk man. PAUL GEORGE? GREATEST OF ALL TIME? Are you sure about that? I feel like that places his decision making down near the bottom of the list for draft prospects.

Although, Miller might have the one up on Jordan according to him. Jordan airballed a free throw, giving Miller a story he can tell his children and grandchildren for the ages.

We need video of this. Video of MJ talking shit to Miller, then airballing a free throw. Miller didn’t back down from Jordan’s trash talk, and now he could be the 2nd overall pick because of it.